development of dialogue culture, promotion of understanding Empathie and social cooperation

The Center for Dialogue

A civil society organization which is established to develop and distribute the culture of dialogue. The center is part of the Institute of Imam Musa Sadr, which is inspired by the thoughts of Imam Musa Sadr and is established in 2003.

Re-creation of Dialogue Skills


The main characteristic of this workshops are to practice dialogue in form of activities. these activities are based on theoretical elements. This type of workshops can be counted as a platform of experience. That means that each participant of the workshop would find an opportunity to learn about his own thoughts, mind and behavioral patter through doing the practices of the workshop.

Empowering Parents with Dialogue


This workshop aims at empowering parents to have a better relationship with their children. It is recommended that both parents participate in the workshops. This workshop, based on the dialog skills teaching, would be offered in 30 continuous but independent sessions. In time distance between a sessions to the next one each parent would have enough opportunity to apply what he/she learned and collect her/his questions regarding the learned points.

Training Dialogue Facilitators

kargah dialogue3

The aim of this workshop is to train dialog facilitators. It is planned that participants of this workshop hold dialogue workshops in future or become facilitators in Problem situation in which Dialogue is failed.

 In this workshop praxis of understanding dialog would be thought in detail and practically. The participants would practice dialogue according to the ten core dialog skills and then they would discuss their own dialog experiences critically in the workshop.