development of dialogue culture, promotion of understanding Empathie and social cooperation

 About us

The Center for Dialogue, is a civil society organization which is established to develop and distribute the culture of dialogue. The center is part of the Institute of Imam Musa Sadr, which is inspired by the thoughts of Imam Musa Sadr and  is established in 2003.


  • Offering possibility to learning dialogue skills in order to develop the dialogue culture
  • Support the people to understand each other in different spheres of the society
  • To provide the awareness of the inefficiencies of dialogue situation in  society
  • Investigation and study regarding relevant experiences about dialogue
  • Taking advantage of the experience and knowledge of experts to reach the center goals

 What we do

  • Workshops to training of dialogue skills
  • Dialogue conferences
  • Dialogue lectures
  • Cooperation with domestic and foreign dialogue institutes
  • Publishing of dialogue related texts
  • Academic and research activities